Business Opportunities in WordPress: Webinar

The Business Opportunities in WordPress webinar was presented by James Dalman. This webinar provides freelance web designers, web developers, WordPress consultants, and other people with lucrative business ideas and opportunities in the WordPress marketplace.

Business Opportunities in WordPress

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    You definitely have some awesome ideas James — the Mailchimp thing, solid gold. Now the question is, as a designer, do you charge for something like a Mailchimp email template as an ala carte item? Or roll it into the cost of doing stuff like a logo/website/general branding, etc.?

    Also, Copyrighting is huge, and could make you some serious money. Especially to the small business who doesn’t have the time or manpower to run a blog themselves. I wonder how one would charge for that? By the hour? Man you have my head spinning with ideas now, great stuff!

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    Thanks Chris! I see so many people fighting for the designer and developer beachfronts when there are better opportunities elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that a person should explore those options but that they are not the only options.

    I personally charge for setting up MailChimp template and the account. My base packages start at $750 for simple setup of a newsletter template and activating the account. But you can also add it into your overall package – in fact I prefer to offer packages that integrate several components over one ala carte item.

    Copywriting is something I’ve been exploring more because there is such a HUGE need and because I love to write. I am researching the different ways people charge for these types of services. Once I have a firm grasp, I will report back with a blog post.

    Glad that your head is spinning! Love making people consider the options. :)

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      Nice! Copywriting is huge. I mean, as important as blogging is to a startup or website in general, you could argue it’s more important than anything else, especially as it relates to SEO. I’ve already done some copywriting (on a smaller scale) for one or two of my smaller clients, just to get them started, and they never keep it going which is a shame.

      To have someone there full time, to manage their content to a degree, could be a real cash cow.

      Great stuff! A lot to think about for sure

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